Launch! And Feed Me on the Radio

Feed Me officially launched yesterday!

We were accepted by the App Store. I sent out the press release to Montreal and Quebec media. And I reached out directly to my own contacts from working in radio, print and television for the past eight or so years. 

First up was an interview on CBC Radio with Homerun. I spent a lot of time in the bowels of the CBC Montreal as an intern years ago before becoming an occasional guest. This was the first time I got to talk about Feed Me, though, which was a surreal experience. I think the coolest part was getting host Shawn Apel to download the app, a married man with no Tinder experience of his own. 

Apparently he found it intuitive and got a little into the swiping. And while he did his skeptical journalist duty of questioning the features, benefits and unique aspects of the app, it wasn't nearly as rough as standing in front of PME MTL and Fondation Montreal Inc. panel of business pros or as socially (and physically) uncomfortable as networking events. It also went a lot quicker. And there were no spreadsheets of financials or PowerPoints with agonizing-to-make graphics. 

In between that CBC interview and a CJAD Radio interview this morning, Feed Me's developers pushed new builds of the Android and iOS versions of the app onto their respective stores. And I slept, to be woken at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm. 

I'm usually up by then anyway, which was part of why I laughed when the CJAD producer who asked me to wait on the line for a few minutes also thanked me for getting up so early for the interview.

The other part of why I laughed had to do with the fact that I'm fairly often on Global Television Montreal and City TV's Breakfast Television Montreal. Those are usually 6:50 a.m., 7:30 a.m. or 7:50 a.m. call-times, meaning I'm up by 6 a.m. at the latest, downing a few bites of breakfast, applying layers of makeup and curling my hair into submission. I have a range of TV-appropriate outfits from which to choose, which needs to be done in advance, because getting out the door with my sustainable shrimp and ceviche leche de tigre to be prepared in-studio or my bags upon bags of gourmet Quebec-made popcorn takes all my early-morning focus. 

I can't trust myself to multi-task at 6 a.m.

Point being, radio is relatively easy. Phoners, at least (when you call in rather than going in to the studio – which was very nice of the CJAD producer to not ask me to do). You don't even need to get dressed! You can do it from bed (though I'm convinced I'm more focused when sitting up). Ten minutes of being awake is all it takes to be alert for the interview. And then it's over and you can either go back to sleep or start your day. 

Clearly, creator of a food app that I am, I had breakfast.

I wouldn't miss an opportunity to eat.