Delivery, Press Coverage and Free Food

We all love free food, right? That's why I'm amazed that so few Feed Me users are entering our monthly $50 gift certificate draw. We have users in India, Australia, Japan, Canada, the US, Turkey, France, Belgium and Brazil to name a few, yet we haven't had to send any long distance prizes yet.

Why not?

All they have to do is sign in to the app and share it with friends through the link in the top left hamburger menu. For every friend who downloads it, the referrer gets an entry into the draw. The prize? $50 from Foodora or an individual restaurant in his or her area. Not all places that Feed Me operates has Foodora, so we adapt to the winner's location. 

Is it that your friends are so bombarded by "Download this!" and "Check this out!" messages that you need something really unique to get that desired click? 

Not even our latest delivery feature of integrating Foodora restaurants in Montreal has appealed to those who devour Mandy's salads, Marusan's sushi and Boustan's shawarmas. We think they just don't know about it yet. We're tracking the number of Foodora orders this month to show that this is scalable to other cities and countries, so we're hoping there's a huge poutine and pizza craze among our Montreal users in the next few weeks. 


We've integrated Foodora delivery to all our restaurants in Montreal. When you click on the pink bar, a popup web browser opens of the same restaurant on Foodora. So you don't have to close the Feed Me app and open the Foodora app then hunt for the restaurant you want. 

Foodora also gave us a $10 discount code for first time users. These are the ones they hand out at subways and events on pretty paper, but our code, PSFEEDMEMTL, doesn't expire. It only works in Canada, though, which is a bit annoying for our user base in France, which exploded after an article came out on Konbini, a popular website.  

We got 7,000 downloads from france in a weekend.

The app crashed. 

It's fixed now and we've optimized some things to make sure it doesn't happen the next time we get a burst in Mexico or the UK or Hong Kong. But we sure learned our lesson. We also learned about the potential virality of a website article. We'd assumed we'd get bursts in Canada, where we were focusing out marketing. But our VICE Munchies article didn't even come close to the Konbini one. Neither did any of the television or radio interviews we've done in Montreal and the rest of Canada. But, to be fair, neither did a Belgian article on KeepitWeb or a Puerto Rican article in Metro.

So the question is: How do we explode in more places?

You think it'd be easy to sell people on free and discounted food and (especially come colder weather) delivery. 

But people have to know about the discount to take advantage. It's right now a best-kept-secret that we need to get out.

Should we throw up some Facebook ads? We're already posting the offers on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (without annoying anyone by posting too frequently, we hope). And we added a "Discounts and Deals" tab on the menu of the app, so you can see the Foodora discount code and the monthly giveaway info. 

In the meantime, here's to hoping that humanity's desire for a delicious deal isn't broken.

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